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In 2018, the filmmaker Sarah Marecek went to Stellenbosch University as a student from Berlin. After enrolling at the university, she noticed the unnerving silence surrounding the recent nationwide protests. Since 2015 students across South Africa had protested for a decolonised education system and a halt to the increase of university fees. Sarah wondered how these protests had impacted this historically white Afrikaans university? Using film to document her conversations with student activists, professors and a human rights lawyer, she encountered a deep desire for change. “Waking Stellenbosch” explores the activism of the “born frees”, those born after 1994, when faced with an institution entrenched in a history of colonialism and Apartheid.

"The film captures both radical positions as well as intense emotions about students' local and larger struggles as black individuals in a country where systemic racism and poverty remain entrenched."



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It was all of our biggest wish to screen the film in South Africa and to give the activists a chance to see their story on a big screen in front of a live audience. Yet, due to the current situation, all screenings had to be postponed. We will be excited to host a public screening as soon as the current situation improves.

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We believe that Waking Stellenbosch tells an important story which

addresses major issues still unsolved. Therefore, we are happy to support any screening in an academic, activist or similar environment. Should you be interested in hosting a screening do not hesitate to contact us.

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